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Richie Jen takes over suspended Doze Niu film

He will replace the disgraced filmmaker as the movie's director

Richie Jen takes over suspended Doze Niu film

Leon Lai, Miriam Yeung, Sammi Cheng, Richie Jen, and Ekin Cheng were among the guests at the opening ceremony of a hotel in Hong Kong on February 19.

Tickets to Miriam's Guangzhou concert had sold out in five minutes. She shared that she was extremely happy with this, and promised to organise a show in Hong Kong as well.

When asked about her recent skiing trip in Japan, she laughed and said that she did it because of her son, Torres. "His kindergarten friends asked him to join them, so I went to ski and enjoyed it very much," she said, adding that she will definitely go back to do it again.

Richie was revealed to have bought the rights to new film Pao Ma, for which production was suspended following sexual assault accusations against its former director Doze Niu. Richie will be taking over as the director to resume filming, and he hopes to finish making the movie.

He then quipped that he doesn't know if he should continue putting on weight for his role. "At the moment, I don't dare to lose weight!" he laughed.

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