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Recently divorced Yang Mi rumoured to be dating a younger man

Chinese reports claim that she will make the big reveal on her birthday

Recently divorced Yang Mi rumoured to be dating a younger man

Will Chinese actress Yang Mi be revealing her new relationship to the public on September 12? If the reports by the Chinese media are true, the actress is currently in a relationship with Chinese actor Wei Daxun, who is three years younger than her, and she is intending to go public with him on her birthday.

The rumoured couple was spotted out together in early August, after pictures of the actor with an unidentified woman resembling Yang Mi at a museum were posted online. Although Daxun later released a statement on his personal Weibo account clarifying that he was merely out with a friend, the rumours did not die down.

The Great Escape co-stars have always shared a close relationship, with Daxun declaring that he is a fan of the actress. An anonymous insider also shared that a couple who was “photographed together on Chinese Valentine’s Day” will reveal their relationship on the female celebrity’s birthday”. The insider later went on to share that the rumoured couple had held back on going public as she she has been criticised for her previous marriage.

Adding fuel to the fire, netizens then discovered that Daxun had posted on his Weibo, “September 12, a day where everything is perfect, I have a feeling that all my wishes will come true.” As Yang Mi’s birthday falls on September 12, fans then speculated that the rumoured couple will be going public on that day.

However, some have also spoken up to defend Daxun’s post, sharing that the actor might just be promoting his latest movie, The Last Wish, which will be released on September 12.

Yang Mi announced her divorce from Hawick Lau last December. The couple have a daughter, nicknamed 'Xiao Nuo Mi' together.

Photos: PBE Media

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