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Ray Lui’s 21-Year-Old Son Looks Like A “Round Eddie Peng”, Say Netizens

It’s a compliment… Right?
Ray Lui’s 21-Year-Old Son Looks Like A “Round Eddie Peng”, Say Netizens

While celeb kids are sometimes envied for being able to enjoy the many spoils of their parents’ hard work, it must be said that they are often thrust into the limelight as well, sometimes against their wishes.

The Bund star Ray Lui, 66, married Chinese businesswoman Yang Xiaojun,14 years his junior, in 2001. Back then, Xiaojun was already pregnant with their son, Lui Sin Yeung.

Sin Yeung turns 22 this year and can sometimes be spotted hanging out with his parents during their vacation or at gatherings with friends.

Ray and Sin Yeung celebrating the latter's 19th birthday three years ago
That's Sin Yeung in the back doing a peace sign during the family's recent trip together

The Lui family shared a recent pic from one of their outings together, and the one thing that caught the eye of netizens was Sin Yeung’s looks. 

The 21-year-old is easily recognised by his chubby stature. He is, according to a source, 172cm tall and 90kg in weight. 

Sin Yeung has had to deal with harsh comments like how he has “yet to inherit his parents’ good looks”.

However, after looking at a recent pic of Sin Yeung, netizens have started making encouraging remarks about how he is an unpolished gem, with some saying that the young adult looks like a “round Eddie Peng”. 

“If he loses weight, there’s a chance he will look like Eddie Peng,” asserted a netizen. 

Others also said that Sin Yeung has started to resemble his mother.

Here's another pic of Sin Yeung, who was on a yacht trip with his parents last year

In all honesty, Sin Yeung doesn’t need to change his appearance to be popular with the ladies. The celeb kid left home to study at Cambridge when he was merely 13 years old and is said to be extremely independent. He washes his own clothes, cooks his own meals, and has been complimented for having a “thoughtful and caring” personality. 

Photos: Chinapress, Sohu, Sina



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