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Rainie Yang Wears The Same Clothes For Three Days After British Airways Loses Her Luggage

That’s like the ultimate travel horror story.

Rainie Yang Wears The Same Clothes For Three Days After British Airways Loses Her Luggage

Rainie Yang had to wear the same clothes for three days when British Airways lost her luggage.

One of the biggest travel nightmares is to have your check-in luggage go missing before you even start your holiday, and that’s exactly what happened to Rainie Yang.

The Taiwanese pop star was forced to wear the same outfit for three days (yikes!) after her baggage failed to arrive at her destination in London.

She had flown there over the new year on airline British Airways to vacay with her boyfriend, Chinese singer Li Ronghao.

A furious Rainie took to Weibo to complain about the baggage drama and British Airways’ service standard.

“British Airways please explain to me why my baggage was left behind at the point of departure. You tell me that the baggage will be flown over the next day, but it has been two days and I still don’t have it. It has caused much inconvenience.

Did you know that even the baggage tracking number you gave me is wrong? So how would I know the whereabouts of my luggage now? So irresponsible,” she ranted.

A day later, she posted photos of herself in a better mood, dressed in a turtleneck sweater and enjoying a posh English afternoon tea sesh.

"A lot of people have shown concern for me and commiserate about my situation. Despite this incident, we have to be happy. But I've been wearing this outfit for three days… ha," she captioned passive-aggressively.

Her concerned fans had reportedly urged her to buy a new jacket immediately lest she falls ill from London’s chilly weather, to which Rainie griped: "My down jacket is in my [missing] suitcase."

Here's our brilliant solution: how about investing in emergency back-up clothes, Rainie? After all, desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

Meanwhile, shining knight Li Ronghao leapt to social media to further berate the UK airline for inconveniencing him and his girlfriend.

He sniped: “British Airways has misplaced my baggage again and again, and called to tell me it’s lost for various reasons, but cannot explain exactly why. Is this how you treat your customers, with irresponsible answers and bad service attitude?

If so, I sincerely urge my family and friends not to fly with British Airways. I hope that you can be responsible towards every passenger and retrieve my luggage."

Netizens were suitably impressed by Ronghao’s righteous ire, joking: “Rainie has no choice now but to hug Li Ronghao for warmth” and “Li Ronghao’s boyfriend powress is out in full force!”.

What a difference a year makes: when we interviewed Ronghao last May, he was extremely reluctant to talk about his then-budding relationship with Rainie.

But look at him now, PDA-ing with Rainie in London and defending her in public. Will wedding bells ring for these two soon? And, maybe, they should avoid checking in luggage on their honeymoon.

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