Rainie Yang refutes pregnancy rumours for the second time in a week

This time round, the recently-engaged singer merely posted a picture of her bare nails


Two weeks ago, Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang announced her engagement with Chinese singer Li Ronghao. Soon after, rumours that the 35-year-old was pregnant with her first child started emerging.

The rumours quickly escalated, with paparazzo snapping pictures of Rainie allegedly caressing her baby bump earlier this week. However, Rainie swiftly dispelled the rumours, clarifying on Monday (July 22) that she had just finished eating a big meal at the time, which was why she was rubbing her stomach in satisfaction.

The singer even added on a picture of her doing the splits before hitting the gym, imploring for the public to “stop rushing” their relationship.

But, it seems that a number of people didn't quite get the memo, inundating Rainie’s next Instagram post with a number of comments asking if she was really pregnant.

The cause was Rainie's picture of her bare nails, sharing that she had decided to stop going for manicures in order to let her nails rest.


“Oftentimes, I get people asking if it’s alright to constantly go for manicures. Personally, I believe that it differs for every individual. For some people, their nails aren’t suitable (for manicures),” she mused, adding that she has decided to leave her nails bare for the time being.

However, many interpreted Rainie’s post as a hint that she was indeed pregnant, causing Rainie to post a furious follow up.

“I ate too much so touched my stomach, and you said I was pregnant. I remove my nail polish to let my nails rest, and you say I’m pregnant yet again. Are you guys done? I’m currently on my period!” she ranted on her Instagram Stories.

Photos: PBE Media

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