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Pregnancy report with Zanilia Zhao’s name revealed

Chinese actress Zanilia Zhao’s due date is rumoured to be in March 2019

Pregnancy report with Zanilia Zhao’s name revealed
A week after Chinese actors

Feng Shaofeng and Zanilia Zhao (also known as Zhao Liying) went public with their relationship and marriage, new evidence about the actress’ pregnancy surfaced online.

An ultrasound scan report with Zanilia’s name was shared on the internet; the report was done during the first trimester and her sixth week of pregnancy.

An insider confirmed that the 31-year-old is currently in her second trimester and is “about five months pregnant”, adding, “She’s due to give birth in March next year. A teacher of an ex-classmate of mine did her pregnancy checkup.”

A recent sponsored post done by the actress on Weibo where she shared a no-makeup picture of herself also pointed to signs of expectancy, according to Chinese media.

Internet sleuths pointed out that although she was “glowing”, Zanilia’s nose seems to be bigger than usual. Such swelling usually occurs due to increased estrogen levels in a pregnant mother which can lead to a plumper nose during pregnancy.

Additionally, the actress smartly shielded her figure by propping a box on her lap and holding it with one hand, causing netizens to believe that she’s trying to hide her pregnant figure with her “unnatural” and “intentional” pose.

In July, Zanilia first announced that she was going on a three-month break to nurse her body back to health. She has not been seen at any other work events since then, fueling speculations that she and her newly-married husband are going to be parents soon.

Rumours of Zanilia expecting a bun in the oven first surfaced in August this year, but the actress swiftly shut it down with a picture of her stretching her legs wide open, saying, “[I] don’t know what to say… Let’s just do a split for everyone.”

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