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Photos From Tanglin Star Roz Pho’s Japan-Themed Wedding In Bali

A Torii gate, sake barrel and broccoli bouquet were all part of the festivities.

Photos From Tanglin Star Roz Pho’s Japan-Themed Wedding In Bali

Is it a trend now for celebs to throw more than one wedding? Tanglin actress Rosalind Pho recently got hitched to her boyfriend of 16 years, Yohei Ueno, at an intimate shindig in the Ocean Gallery in the S.E.A. Aquarium. And a week later, she threw a second wedding at the super posh Bvlgari Resort Bali… a day before Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan held their nuptials there. And it’s all thanks to Kevin and Grace that Roz and co. could keep the party going till late (and vice versa!).

Looking at how a custom-made Torii gate and sake barrel were all part of the festivities, and that the couple also enlisted the help of the events company behind Ultra Bali, we couldn't help but wonder: Just how much did their Singapore and Bali weddings cost? Though Roz declines to reveal the figure, she does tell us, "Yes, we did spend a lot on our weddings. So now, we have to save up again to buy a home!"

8 DAYS: Congrats on your Bali wedding! Why did you choose to hold your second wedding in Bali?
Both Yohei and I love that place. We just wanted to do an overseas wedding. And we thought Bali would be a nice location. We were looking at maybe Bintan, but it just wasn’t as nice as Bali.

And you guys opted for the ultra-luxurious Bvlgari Resort Bali.
We went to look at a few places, and there were two places that caught our eye. But my first choice was fully booked till the end of the year. Bvlgari is really beautiful so we just decided to do it there.

Coincidentally, Hongkong stars Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan also held their wedding at the same venue one day after you.
I didn’t know at first. But when I checked in, an IG follower messaged me and said that some Hongkong stars are doing their wedding there too. No wonder I heard a lot of people speaking Cantonese. We saw some actors at the breakfast place. But I’m not familiar with Hongkong actors [so I don’t know who they were]. But the staff at Bvlgari asked us, “There’s a couple who’s doing their wedding the day after you, and they have an after-party from 11pm to 1am. Are you okay with that?” ’Cos actually, after 11pm, we have to turn down the music. So we thought that we would just have to start the party early. But it’s a blessing in disguise ’cos they wanted an after-party and they asked if we were okay with it. So we said, “If they are okay with our after-party until 1am, then we’re fine with that.” I think what they didn’t know was that we got speakers that were used at [electronic music festival] Ultra Bali. So when we did the sound check, I literally thought there was like an earthquake or that planes were flying by ’cos the speakers are so amazing.

Your Bali wedding was themed after a Japanese summer festival.
For the bridal party, I ordered their yukatas from Japan. And we got all our guests to come in yukatas. I think only one or two people didn’t stick to the dress code and I shamed them over the microphone. (Laughs)

You also had a Torii gate at your wedding.
Our Singapore wedding was a formal one. So I told Yohei that for our Bali wedding, I wanted a casual setting, like a Japanese summer festival style wedding. And I said, “You know, if everyone comes in yukatas, it’d be really cool.” Yohei was like, “Oh my god, it’s going to be so cheesy.” But as we started planning, it seemed like a really fun idea. So we decided to go the extra mile to make it look more Japanese. We checked with the hotel staff if they could build a Torii gate, but they said it’d be hard to do so. So we were thinking that maybe we could buy a Torii gate from Taobao ’cos you can find anything on Taobao, right? But it wasn’t possible. So then, we just got our decorator to build it for us. And our decorator who also did our party set-up were the same audio-visual guys who set up for Ultra Bali festivals, so they are really, really good. They set up the sound system and the LCD screen so well. For the DJ’s deck, they built a platform over the pool.

You and Yohei had a cauliflower and a broccoli bouquet respectively. Why vegetables instead of flowers?
Well, I’m not really a flower person. But I just thought I’d try to stick a little bit to tradition. So I had asked my girlfriends, “What kind of flowers should I choose?” And one of them was like, “What about a cauliflower? Haha.” And I was like, “That’s awesome!” ’Cos from the start, I said I wanted Yohei to have a broccoli bouquet. So it’d be awesome for me to have a cauliflower one. I wanted to do the bouquet toss — that’s the only reason why I got the bouquet. I paid about S$200 for both bouquets — I’m sure it didn’t cost that much, but I just paid up anyway. And I wanted Yohei and all the single boys to have fun as well. So I did a cauliflower toss for the girls, and Yohei did a broccoli toss for the boys.

What were the other highlights of your Bali wedding?
Again, this wedding was very personal. Yohei’s father sang again, and Yohei stepped in to sing with him, so that was quite a sweet moment. Everyone told me that there was not a dry eye at the party ’cos it was just very touching. And Yohei’s father went around the whole villa, standing on tables to sing, and everybody was like super into it. I really appreciated the energy that his father brought ’cos that just got everyone in the mood before our DJs played. But I have no recollection of what happened from 11pm to 3am ’cos I was pretty drunk. So I had to rely on my pictures and videos to show me what I was doing [at the after-party]. I was pretty impressed with myself ’cos I don’t remember how I changed into my rainbow swimsuit for the swim. And when it got really cold, I changed into a casual white bridal lacy dress. Yohei said it was the best day of his life and he said I looked like I was having a lot of fun too. So even though I had memory loss for those few hours, I'm glad one of us remembers everything!

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