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Patty Hou’s father-in-law in huge gambling debt

The 75-year-old lost approximately S$1.6 million over eight days

Patty Hou’s father-in-law in huge gambling debt

Taiwanese host Patty Hou married bank manager Kenneth “Ken” Huang in 2011 and have two sons together, 3-year-old Ian and 5-month-old Ethan.

Ken was revealed previously to hail from a wealthy family, and Patty’s father-in-law, Huang Jin Chun, was reportedly a landowner, owning land in Dihua Street of Taipei.

Recently, it was revealed that her father in-law had accumulated a huge gambling debt of NT$36 million (approximately S$1.6 million) while gambling in Macau over eight days.

According to media reports, the 75-year-old visited three large casinos in Macau in November 2013 with his female companion “Xiao Ru”, in an arrangement made by a casino broker “A”, whom he met through a mutual friend.

During his visits, “A” paid for his full living expenses, trusting that the elderly man, known as “Patty Hou’s father-in-law”, will have the money to pay off his debts after the visit.


However, he failed to pay his debts when he returned to Taiwan, and only issued a NT$20 million cheque a year later, with a NT$16 million cheque issued to “A”.

The cheque to “A”, however, was later revealed to have bounced. When inquired about it, he told “A’ that the cheque was issued by one of his working partners, and he was unsure why it failed to go through. He also asked for more time to repay his debts.

“A” agreed to his requests at that time, but found that the elderly man and “Xiao Ru’s” numbers were no longer in use when he tried to contact them half a year later.

Patty’s father in-law remains uncontactable at the moment, and the Taiwanese host had expressed through her manager that she and her husband Ken were unaware of the situation, and is unable to give a response.

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