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HK Star Pakho Chau’s Nude Pics Leaked; He Was Photographed In Public Shower

The 38-year-old singer’s agency has since contacted their legal team to deal with the incident.

HK Star Pakho Chau’s Nude Pics Leaked; He Was Photographed In Public Shower

Nude pictures of Hong Kong singer-actor Pakho Chau, 38, have been making their rounds on the internet.

The star was taking a shower in what appeared to be a public stall when he became the unsuspecting victim of a trigger-happy voyeur, who then posted the pics online.

Pakho's entire body was exposed in the two pics, and he could also be seen trying to put on his underwear in one of them.

Pakho’s agency has since released a statement regarding the leaked pics.

“We have already contacted our lawyers, and are seeking their advice. It is not convenient for us to respond [to the situation] at this stage. We will reserve the right to press legal charges, thank you for your concern,” they announced.

The poor guy really can't seem to catch a break

Some netizens believe the pics could have been tampered with, asserting that Pakho's face could have easily been edited onto a random naked man’s bod.

However, there were also others who brought up a social media post made by the singer in 2018.

Five years ago, Pakho wrote a lengthy Instagram post, detailing how he was snapped changing his clothes in the locker room of a gymnasium after playing in a basketball match.

Pakho spotted the other party and shouted at him to stop just as the latter attempted to flee the scene.

He then told the guy, who was only 18 years old: “You are already an adult and you should know right from wrong.”

When a witness to the incident attempted to help the youngster plead for leniency, it only served to anger Pakho even more.

“This is a very serious offence. It is already a crime to take pictures in the changing room, not to mention he had sneakily taken photos of me while I was changing. It is unacceptable. One should never take pictures of others without seeking their permission. I wanted to question him; firstly so I could protect myself, and secondly to let him know that he had committed a serious offence,” he wrote.

Despite being furious at the youngster, Pakho ultimately decided to let him off after getting an apology and confirming that he had deleted all photos of him.

Although the singer has since removed the post from his page, some believe that the leaked photos could have been from that incident.

However, others also pointed out that the recent photos are of Pakho showering, not changing. According to his IG post, the pictures from five years ago should have also been deleted by now.

It led them to conclude that the recent leaked pics are new and unrelated to the previous incident. Which means that the poor star has been snapped in the nude by strangers not once, but twice now.

Photos:, PBE Media



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