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Netizens Think That’s Faye Wong In Nicholas Tse’s Ski Visor Reflection

It could have been anyone though.

Netizens Think That’s Faye Wong In Nicholas Tse’s Ski Visor Reflection

It’s no secret that Nicholas Tse, 42, and Faye Wong, 53, have one of showbiz’s most tumultuous relationships.

The couple first dated in 2000 but broke up two years later. They then rekindled their romance in 2014, following Nic’s divorce with Cecilia Cheung and Faye's split from actor Li Yapeng

Since then, Nicholas and Faye have been plagued by breakup rumours, despite their best efforts to keep their relationship hush-hush.

Just last November, Faye was photographed looking despondent in public, with reports claiming that she was in tears.

Rumours quickly spread that she and Nic had broken up.

Many assumed that Faye was crying over a breakup

So this piece of news will surely delight fans of the couple.

Nicholas has been posting pics of his ski trip in Japan, and in one of the them, Nic could be seen sitting on the snow enjoying a sandwich.

“I’m hungry from skiing, [so] I’ll have a meal in the snow,” he wrote.

He was simply having fun on his ski trip

Eagle-eyed netizens, however, were more focused on the visor that sat atop Nic’s head, or rather, what's seen on its highly reflective surface.

They zoomed in on the reflection, and realised that Nic was in the company of four other people, one of whom is taking the pic.

“That's Faye Wong in the reflection” was the common consensus among netizens in the comments section, with many taking it as an indication that there there wasn't a break up in the first place. 

Others also gushed over how romantic it was for the couple to go on a ski trip together.

He probably just wanted to show off how unbothered he was by the cold
That delicious looking sandwich did not distract netizens from the reflection in his ski visor though
Can anyone really tell who that person is?

But... if we're being objective here, the person in the reflection really could be… anyone.

And there were others who shared the same sentiment.

While some suggested that the photographer could’ve been Nic’s assistant, others questioned if it was even possible to tell that the person is Faye simply from the reflection.

“Stop trying to be funny. That’s not her,” wrote another netizen, who had major doubts about the rumours.

Photos: Nicholas Tse/ Instagram, topbeautyhk/ Instagram, Sinchew News



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