Netizens dissatisfied with Huang Xiaoming, Angelababy’s S$39,000 donation to Wuhan virus relief efforts

One pointed out the difference between the amount of their donation and the cost of their 2015 wedding.


With the city of Wuhan, China in lockdown since January 23 amidst the recent coronavirus outbreak, medical personnel have been working overtime to try and control the outbreak. However, according to reports, there is a shortage of medical supplies in the city.

A number of celebrities and their fans have since stepped up to donate supplies and goods to the affected areas, including celebrity couple Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy, who chipped in by making a joint donation of RMB 200,000 (about S$39,000).

After receiving their generous donation, the China Siyuan Foundation made a post online thanking Xiaoming and Angelababy. Xiaoming later shared the post and added a short message saying, “To me, [the medical personnel] are the heroes.”

However, some netizens voiced their dissatisfaction with the pair’s donation, with some questioning their sincerity and even accusing them of looking down on Wuhan citizens. One commenter also pointed out the difference between the amount of their donation and the cost of their 2015 wedding, which is estimated to be about RMB 200 million (about S$39 million).

On the other hand, there were netizens who came to the couple’s defence. “It looks like the people in this comments section have donated a lot of money themselves!” one remarked sarcastically, while another said, “I don’t think they are even willing to donate their keyboard.”

Shortly after, the foundation shared an update that Xiaoming and Angelababy have donated an additional RMB 800,000 (about S$156,000), bringing their total amount of donations to RMB 1 million (about $195,000).

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Lately, Xiaoming and Angelababy have been the subject of numerous reports speculating on the state of their marriage, with many surmising that a divorce is looming for the star couple, who tied the knot in 2015.

After seeing the news of the couple’s joint donation, some netizens wondered if the donation was a way for them to kill two birds with one stone: to denounce rumours of their strained marriage while doing their part for society at the same time.

“I knew your relationship has always been well,” one netizen commented, while another wrote, “They’ve stepped up as a couple to do good. Have strength, Wuhan!”

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