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Netizens continue to speculate why Jacqueline Wong has returned to HK

Among the popular theories is that she is trying to make a showbiz comeback and reunite with ex-boyfriend Kenneth Ma.

Netizens continue to speculate why Jacqueline Wong has returned to HK

Disgraced Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong returned to Hong Kong on December 13, eight months after her cheating scandal with married Hong Kong singer Andy Hui erupted in April.

It seems that time does not heal all wounds as she has faced backlash upon her return, with netizens calling her “shameless and thick-skinned” for “putting up a show with her crocodile tears” at the airport. Others have also pointed out that her makeup looked too perfectly done for it to be a coincidence that reporters were there to speak to her upon her arrival.

When she spoke to the media, she declared she is back to “spend time with my family because I really haven’t seen them in so long”. However, not everyone is buying her story as numerous theories about her true intentions have been the talking point among netizens.

Among which, many believe that she is trying to make her showbiz comeback. This is especially so as broadcaster TVB aired drama Finding Her Voice in September, and did not edit the actress out of the series. She subsequently uploaded a post on her Instagram to thank her colleagues and viewers for their understanding.

Others also believe that she is trying to reconcile with actor Kenneth Ma. However, Hong Kong media outlets have reported that Kenneth seems to have no intention of giving his ex a second chance, as he has been seen out and about with his friends and was not spotted near locations where he and Jacqurline used to spend time at.

Hong Kong singer-actress Sammi Cheng, who is married to Andy, seems unperturbed by Jacqueline’s return, and has continued going about with her daily life despite never receiving a public apology from Jacqueline.

The younger actress has been criticised heavily for not doing so, especially since the duo used to be close enough to work out together. Some netizens suggested that Jacqueline might have apologised in private, but there were others who immediately rebuked them. One wrote, “Even if she apologised to Sammi personally, shouldn’t she say something in public too? The video of her and Andy was everywhere, the least she can do is to put an apology out where people can see it. By admitting that she was wrong and saying sorry to the victim is the least she can do.”

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