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Na Ying loses her cool after fellow shopper secretly films her

The singer's response has garnered mixed reactions from netizens.

Na Ying loses her cool after fellow shopper secretly films her

One of the pitfalls of being a celebrity is the loss of privacy. Whether you’re out shopping or having a meal, the chances are that you’ll be recognised by a member of the public, who might either approach you for a picture, or worse, sneak one of you surreptitiously.

As it turns out, having her picture secretly taken is one of the things Chinese singer Na Ying hates with a passion.

A video purportedly taken by a member of the public in a shopping mall has been doing the rounds online recently. In the video, a female shopper can be seen glancing around, before starting to take a video of herself using her phone’s front camera. Behind the shopper is a woman who is believed to be Na Ying herself.

Soon after, Na Ying realises that the shopper is taking a video of her. The singer then reaches out to kick the shopper, while uttering, “Don’t film me”, causing the shopper to stumble and laugh. The video then ends shortly after that.

Though the video was only 15 seconds long, many netizens sided with Na Ying, chastising the shopper for secretly filming her. Some also speculated that Na Ying might have rejected the shopper’s earlier request to take a picture together, which was why the shopper resorted to secretly filming her.

However, others also criticised Na Ying’s response, writing, “Filming someone secretly is wrong, but it’s not right to kick someone as well.”

Photos: PBE Media, Weibo

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