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Myolie Wu is expecting a baby boy

The actress is due in November

Myolie Wu is expecting a baby boy

IT’S A BOY: Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu surprised many by announcing her unborn child’s gender in a live broadcast during her baby shower on Saturday (Sep 23), ahead of her delivery in November.

Even before the announcement, party decorations hinted that the mother-to-be was expecting a boy as blue was the main colour theme, with many blue balloons and decorations, and even Myolie herself was dressed in navy.

Towards the end of the live broadcast video, Myolie took viewers by surprise when she confirmed speculations that she was expecting a baby boy after receiving many good wishes from fans.

Myolie’s husband, businessman Philip Lee also confirmed her statement by posting pictures from the baby shower on Instagram with the caption: “Yes, it’s a boy! Thank you for your love and well wishes. Baby Lee is so blessed before he is even born.”

Likewise, the 37-year-old actress also took to Instagram to share a picture from the party which was attended by her close friends Elaine Yiu, Mandy Wong and Sharon Chan from showbiz.

Pointing out that her “nose really got big” because of pregnancy hormones, she wrote, “Thank you to all our family and friends for coming to celebrate with us and giving all the lovely gifts to baby Lee, yes it’s a boy.”

The actress first broke the news that she was four-months pregnant on Weibo and Instagram this May.

Myolie tied the knot with Philip in December 2015 after dating for a year.

Photo: PBE Media

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