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Moses Chan Is Totally Okay With Wife Aimee Chan Sharing Sexy Bikini Pics

He's as supportive as one of her swimsuits.
Moses Chan Is Totally Okay With Wife Aimee Chan Sharing Sexy Bikini Pics

We can totally tell that Hong Kong couple Moses Chan, 51, and Aimee Chan had the time of their lives on their recent trip to Phuket from the photos the 41-year-old actress has been posting on Instagram.

Tagging along on the holiday were the couple's three childrenAidan Joshua, eight, Nathan, seven, and Camilla, five.

Now that they're back in Hong Kong, Moses, who met the media at a promotional event for his new drama, shared that he and Aimee had wanted to bring their family on a vacation before the kids have to go back to school.

He also revealed that he and Aimee are planning for a couple's trip to enjoy some couple time. 

Aimee's such a hot mama

In one of her IG posts from Phuket, Aimee had on a tribal print bikini which she paired with a crochet outerwear. The mother-of-three wrote: "My favourite type of lighting. I love the natural light from the sun so much! Can I bring the Phuket sunshine back home?"

Needless to say, netizens were very impressed by her figure, and reminded Moses what a lucky man he is.

Moses' response to the netizens? "Thank you, thank you! Quick tell this to my wife, she'll be so happy."

So does Moses mind it when other people are, ahem, admiring his wife's body like that?

"Actually it's okay, we just want to share how family life is like with everyone, it's filled with laughter and love," said Moses.

He also shared that he has videos from the trip but would only share them once he's done with editing.

What a lovely family

When asked if he's planning to give his wife a surprise during their couple's trip, Moses simply replied with a chuckle.

What about work then? Is Aimee itching to act again after shooting upcoming TVB drama Romeo And His Butterfly Lover, her first drama in eight years, with Moses? 

Moses then divulged that his wife wants to take a break for now, and would be focusing on their family for the time being as the school holidays are almost over.

Photos: Aimee Chan/Instagram

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