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Moses Chan Named TVB's Nicest Star

He’s officially Mr Nice(st) Guy.

Moses Chan Named TVB's Nicest Star

Hongkong actor Moses Chan is now officially the nicest star in TVB.

On a recent episode of TVB’s version of the classic US game show, Family Feud, 100 TVB employees were polled to find out who’s the “Nicest Star In TVB On-And-Off-Screen”, and Moses came in first, of course.

But did we really need a poll to confirm that? Stories of the 50-year-old actor being super nice and thoughtful are a dime a dozen.

Like how when his personal assistant fell in love with him and he managed to handle that potentially super awkward situation with tact. Or how he constantly sings the praises of his wife, Hongkong actress Aimee Chan, 40. And of course, how he’s extra COVID conscious ‘cos he wants to protect his three kids, sons Aiden Joshua, seven, and Nathan Lucas, five, and daughter, Camilla, four.

Anyway, the results of the poll have been acknowledged as legit by the public, with netizens and even fellow artistes chiming in to leave stories about just how nice Moses is in real life.

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