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More details about Fan Bingbing’s house arrest revealed

The actress is currently ensconced in a Beijing apartment

More details about Fan Bingbing’s house arrest revealed

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing has been keeping a low profile ever since reports of her alleged tax evasion made headlines.

Recent updates have claimed that her manager and an unnamed financial advisor have been ordered to assist in investigations, and that Bingbing and her family have been placed under house arrest.

Yesterday, an insider shared that contrary to popular belief, the actress had not been arrested. Instead, she had been placed under surveillance by the Ministry of Public Security in Beijing.

“It's accurate to say that Bingbing is in Beijing now,” the source shared. “I cannot disclose her exact location but she’s not being ill-treated. She is currently staying in a special accommodation.”

According to reports, the ‘special accommodation’ that the actress is staying in is equivalent to a four to five star hotel and is similar to a rented apartment. The cost of the apartment is said to be RMB1000 (approximately S$200) a night, with the bill to be settled at the end of her stay.

It was also reported that female suspects are usually housed in the Ministry of Public Security’s housing quarters. However, upon further investigation, it was found that calls to the phone numbers for the housing quarters could not be connected, as the numbers were not in use. When asked for a comment on the matter, a representative from Jiangsu’s Ministry of Public Security declined to make a statement.

Another insider also revealed that rumours have been spreading within the entertainment industry that there were intentions to clean up the industry, and that an attractive, popular and highly paid celebrity had been targeted.

At that time, Bingbing’s manager reportedly suggested for the actress to head overseas to avoid being caught up in the matter. However, the actress replied, “I should be able to stand up to scrutiny, shouldn’t I? If they want to question me, let them do so.”

Photos: PBE Media

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