Miss Hong Kong 2017 Looks Like Ronaldinho, Says Netizens

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Newly-minted Miss Hong Kong 2017, Juliette Louie, may have slayed the competition, but she didn’t exactly win the hearts of netizens.

The Canada-based beauty queen, 23, was slammed for winning despite her poor command of Cantonese and, um, protruding teeth.

Netizens criticised the competition as being rigged, as Juliette hails from a wealthy family (her dad is award-winning Hongkong graphic designer Henry Louie, who reportedly nominated her for the contest).

Juliette’s win also came about as judge and TVB host Carol Cheng voted for her twice when the votes were tied between her and first runner-up Regina Ho, a move that many called unfair.

Since the competition, Juliette’s Instagram account has been flooded with hate comments lambasting her as not “fit for the crown” and comparing her looks to a horse and Uruguayan footballer Luis Suarez and Ronaldinho (who are also known for their, yeah, prominent teeth).

(From left) Footballers Luis Suarez and Ronaldinho. 

Oh, and also Karen Mok’s bucktoothed hawker character Turkey in God of Cookery and Rabbit-Tooth Jane in Kungfu Hustle.

karen mok
Miss Hong Kong 2017 Juliette Lewis has been compared by netizens to Karen Mok's bucktoothed character in God of Cookery. 

rabbit tooth jane
Rabbit-Tooth Jane from Kungfu Hustle.

Ouch. And you think Sarah Jessica Parker got it bad.

from the amazing friends and supporters here in hk to my homies back in canada, thank you all for your sweet and heartfelt words. many of you have taken the time to write to me and congratulate me, while others have wasted their time trying to make me feel like i don't deserve my win. i want to say to you all, i'm not afraid and i'll be just fine 🎶 fine 🎶 fine 🎶 wooo! *cue music* i will use my voice. just because i've become miss hong kong does not mean i have to take any of this 🙊 and i will fight for those who are really victims of this form of 'bullying' i guess u could say. i know my worth and myself and i won't change to please others. y'all know i'm not the type to be silent. i hope i can use my voice to also encourage girls and guys out there who don't feel good about themselves, to ditch that mindset and start believing and accepting themselves for exactly who they are and if they don't like it, to do something about it and follow their dreams etc! loving yourself is the first step to happiness. i would also like to apologize to my friends and fans who've been fighting for me (taking their time to reply back to those sick comments, have been DMed/receiving hateful words for supporting me or just for being another race!) i am truly disappointed because it's coming from people who don't know me who may be from the city that i love. but i have faith and i know there are way more loving people in this world. thank you for all the love! 🙏🏻 anyways, to those who have been asking and wondering, i am staying in hong kong for a year due to my contract to fulfill my duty as miss hong kong 🙈 (and miss photogenic hehe). after, i have a plan in store and i hope to be making it out in hollywood because my ambition goes beyond this tiny but great island. there will be opportunities everywhere and i can't wait to start this life and share it you all. i have lived both sides of this world and can say i am an international woman, i'm from canada but i am also a hk girl by my roots. and i won't let anyone make me feel otherwise! 💪🏻 love you all! ❤️ • • • #terriblebackground #thisdresstho #eveninggown #mshk #misshk2017 #hk #summer'17 #photoshoot #behindthescenes

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But like a true queen, Juliette has clapped back at her haters. She took to Instagram to retort: “Just because I’ve become Miss Hong Kong does not mean I have to take any of this, and I will fight for those who are really victims of this form of ‘bullying’ I guess you could say. I know my worth and myself and I won’t change to please others… Loving yourself is the first step to happiness… I will continue to be myself and won’t change myself to please anyone!”

It doesn't help that Juliette herself further fanned the flames by releasing a live broadcast video on Facebook where she declared: "Do you expect me to give up my winner status because you are unhappy with the results? I will not do that and expect everyone to like me as it shows that I lack confidence. I will continue to be myself and will not change myself just to make people happy."


She also reportedly has no plans to get braces for her pearlies, but has Instagrammed that she hopes to be “making it out in Hollywood because my ambition goes beyond this tiny but great island”.


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