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Mimi Chu Was Once Told Off By A Local Director Who Said She “Didn’t Know Anything”

It explains why we haven't seen her in local productions in recent years. 

Mimi Chu Was Once Told Off By A Local Director Who Said She “Didn’t Know Anything”

Back in the early 2000s, veteran TVB actress Mimi Chu, 67, Mimi appeared in many Mediacorp productions, including Beautiful Connection (2002), Home in Toa Payoh (2003) and Baby Blues (2005), all of which made her a household name in Singapore.

In a recent interview, Mimi credited her "good luck" for her popularity with audiences. She also added that when it comes to her acting “opinions differ” and while some may think highly of her, others may not. 

Mimi in Home in Toa Payoh (left) and A Tale of 2 Cities

When asked if she had received any offers to act in a Singapore drama again, Mimi had this to say: “I did, but I am also not considering the option anytime soon. It's not like I need money badly. I'm also not planning on retiring soon. I love working, but I don’t like to be provoked!” said Mimi, alluding to something that had happened in the past.

The actress sighed before saying: “The most important thing between a director and an actor is communication. But some people think that since [they are] the director, you would have to do as [they] say and don’t ask any questions!’”

She went on to reveal that she was once angered by a director when filming a show in Singapore. Though Mimi did not name the show or director, she was clearly still bothered by the incident.

According to Mimi, it is the director’s job to explain the scene or the role to the actor if there is something they don’t understand, so they can portray the role better.

However, Mimi was told off by the director, who asserted that she “didn’t read her script” and “didn’t know anything” on multiple occasions.

Mimi said she had never been scolded in such a way throughout the course of her long career, which has spanned more than 50 years FYI.

She added that she had also never been disrespected in such a way, even when she acts in TVB dramas.

The experience left a bitter taste in Mimi’s mouth and she recalled saying on her last day on set: “Yes, I don’t know anything, but I still managed to reach the final day of filming.”

Photos: Chinapress, meWATCH

You can reminisce the good old times by watching Mimi in these dramas: A Tale of 2 Cities, Home in Toa Payoh and Beautiful Connection on meWATCH, or watch the first episode of the Beautiful Connection below. 



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