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Michelle Yim, 65, Shows Off Fit Bod On IG

Even hunkle Zheng Geping couldn’t help but comment on how fit she is.

Michelle Yim, 65, Shows Off Fit Bod On IG

Fashion designer Vera Wang won’t be the only seventysomething stunning everybody with her youthful good looks if Hongkong actress Michelle Yim, 65, keeps this up. While the latter is certainly no stranger to getting people talking about her age-defying beauty, her latest pics show she’s in terrific shape as well.

Last Sunday (Oct 11), Michelle posted two sets of photos of herself flaunting her fit bod — yes, she’s really in her mid-60s! — in bright and cheery workout clothes, which she said help to lift one’s spirits. In addition to being an avid hiker like fellow celebs Chow Yun Fat and Carina Lau, Michelle enjoys jogging too, judging from the caption of one of her posts.

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