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These Photos Of Michelle Yeoh At The 1983 Miss Malaysia World Pageant Show Why She’s A Winner

And yes, Michelle won the pageant.


Way before Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh, 60, became an Oscar winner, the actress was turning heads in what would become her gateway into showbiz. 

In 1983, a 21-year-old Michelle, who was studying in England, was back in Malaysia to visit her family when her mum, Janet, told her that she’d signed her daughter up for the Miss Malaysia World pageant.

A reluctant Michelle would later reveal that she eventually joined the pageant to “shut [her mum] up”.

Michelle's a beauty queen.

And of course, the rest is history.

Michelle went on to win the pageant, and even represented Malaysia at the Miss World 1983 pageant in London, where she placed 18th.

On March 13, netizen Johnathan Lau took to the Facebook group subtle asian traits to post a number of pictures from the pageant itself.

As it turns out, Johnathan’s mum had competed alongside Michelle all these years ago.

That's Michelle on the extreme left and right.

“I've seen these photos around the house a thousand times and heard the stories but never realised who it REALLY was in these photos,” the netizen marvelled, adding that he only made the connection after his mum posted the pictures online to celebrate Michelle’s Oscars win.

Looking good.

Even from the black-and-white photos, it was clear that Michelle stood out. Guess that’s why she won, right? 

So regal.

Speaking of pageants, Australian media have also unearthed pictures of Michelle at the Miss Moomba International pageant in Melbourne.

The event took place in 1984, and yes, Michelle won that pageant too, according to ABC News.

You can watch Michelle's Oscars speech below. Everything Everywhere All At Once is also available on meWATCH here.

Photos: Johnathan Lau/Facebook, ABC News, Michelle Yeoh/Instagram



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