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Michelle Chen had to “cry from dawn to dusk” for Rainie Yang’s latest MV

Rainie even asked the director to “make sure Michelle cries” during filming

Michelle Chen had to “cry from dawn to dusk” for Rainie Yang’s latest MV

The music video for Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang’s newest song, ‘No Regret’ was released on January 15. It features Rainie's good friend, Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen running through a whole gamut of emotions as she reflects back on a past relationship.

Speaking to the media after filming wrapped for the music video, Michelle shared that she was able to really experience the emotions that each scene required her to show.

“Through the hurt, I was able to slowly go through the process of self-healing, and achieve a sense of liberation. I felt as if it was a complete cycle. It was a very profound feeling,” Michelle said.

She added that she did not expect to be asked to cry from dawn to dusk when she first received the script, but she viewed it as something necessary for the filming process. “Your tears can allow you to let go of all your emotions and after you’ve cried yourself dry, you can begin to fill yourself up again,” she said.

Although filming started at five in the morning, Rainie only dropped by the filming site in the afternoon. She thanked Michelle for agreeing to star in the music video, and praised the latter for her professionalism. To lighten up the mood, the quipped that she would have asked for filming to start later in the day instead if their roles were reversed.

Rainie also shared that she made sure to request for the director to get Michelle to act out the emotions of happiness, sorrow and anger, emphasising that Michelle “must cry” during filming.

“I made use of Michelle until she was practically full of cuts and bruises,” Rainie joked.

After hearing each other’s words, the two friends then got engaged in a battle of compliments, with Michelle crediting Rainie’s song for helping her to get into the mood during filming, and Rainie praising Michelle for her stellar acting.

Photos: PBE Media

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