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Ex TVB Actress Melissa Ng, Who Left Showbiz In 2007, Recently Turned 50; Netizens Say She’s Still Gorgeous

Melissa was recently voted one of the “Top 20 Beauties In Hongkong Period Dramas”.


Now, what is it with former celebs and their ability to look impossibly youthful? First, we had Michelle Reis, and now, we have former TVB actress Melissa Ng (吴美珩), who just turned 50 last month.

Melissa joined showbiz in 1996 after a stellar run in the Miss Chinese International pageant the same year.

She quickly rose to fame, and played a number of iconic roles in the early 2000s, including Concubine Mui in 2000’s The Legend of Lady Yang, Keung Sam Yuet in 2002’s A Herbalist Affair, and Consort Yu in 2004’s The Conqueror’s Story.

Her role as Ko Chi Ling in 2006's La Femme Desparado was particularly well-liked. The drama eventually won the TVB Anniversary Award for Best Series that year.

Remember Melissa now?

However, a year later, she revealed that she tied the knot with a Taiwanese businessman six years prior, in 2001, and that she was expecting her first child. 

As a result of her pregnancy, she had to pull out of a number of events and projects. A year later, Melissa announced her decision to retire from acting, and faded out of the spotlight.

Since then, she has rarely been spotted in public, or on social media. However, the public still has a soft spot for Melissa, who was voted as one of the “Top 20 Beauties In Hongkong Period Dramas” recently.

Psst... can you spot Melissa?

Now, on June 2, netizens finally managed to catch a glimpse of Melissa. Hongkong actress-host Carol Cheng (aka Dodo Cheng) shared two pictures from a recent gathering she had with Melissa, as well as former actresses, Annabelle Lau, 53, Anna Yau, 47, and former TV presenter Priscilla Koo, 59.

Carol also mentioned that they celebrated Melissa’s birthday that night too.

“What a rare gathering!” one netizen wrote in the comments section of Carol’s post, while others couldn’t help but notice just how youthful all of them looked.

We totally agree.

Many of them zeroed in on Melissa, writing that she looked particularly good.

“I still like Melissa a lot, she’s just so elegant, a classic beauty. Wishing her a happy birthday,” one netizen wrote. 

Another simply wrote: “Aged gracefully!”, while one gushed: “Melissa Ng is so good-looking.”.

Photos: PBE Media

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