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Meet Tavia Yeung And Him Law’s 3-Month-Old Daughter, Hera

Her Chinese name means "to fly from the ground up".

Meet Tavia Yeung And Him Law’s 3-Month-Old Daughter, Hera

Celeb baby parties are usually a crazy lavish affair — just look at the parties Singaporean socialite Kim Lim and Taiwanese actress Ady An threw for their kiddos. This year, however, celeb parents like Ruco Chan and Phoebe Sin had to settle for pared-down, family-only parties because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hongkong stars Tavia Yeung, 40, and Him Law, 35, who became parents in April, had to cancel their plans for a 100-day party for their daughter as well, thanks to a third wave of COVID-19 infections in Hongkong.

However, that didn’t stop the resourceful parents from throwing a mini-bash for the three of them at home. Apart from decorating their living room with balloons and streamers, Tavia and Him also ordered a pastel-coloured, pearl-themed cake for the little tot, who’s nicknamed, you guessed it “Little Pearl”.

Fans were overjoyed to catch another glimpse of the kid and the couple also revealed Little Pearl’s full name in their posts, hashtagging “Hera Law” and “Law Yi Xin (罗翊心)” .

“My dear Little Pearl, you’re already three months old, and quietly growing up, even without us realising that. Although time passed quickly, dad and mum are working hard every day, to deepen our understanding and knowledge of you. I hope that with our care and love you will grow to become even healthier and outstanding. Although we’re celebrating [your 100th day] at home, I hope to leave our baby with a couple of beautiful memories [of today],” Tavia wrote in her caption.

Him also posted pictures from the same day, writing: “Baby Little Pearl, many people say that a daughter is their dad’s lover from his past life, if this is true, your dad’s been waiting for the past 36 years! Dad and mum only wish for you to grow up happily, to seize hold of your own life, we’ll always love you.”

In an interview, Him also shared that their baby girl’s Chinese name means “to fly from the ground up”. The actor also described himself as a “newbie” when it comes to parenting, and thanked Tavia for her hard work.

“I think that [parenting] is way tougher than filming [for Tavia], she’s breastfeeding right now, and will use formula as a subsitute sometimes, but when the baby cries and refuses to drink, it’s really draining for Tavia, it’s really a test of patience,” he said.

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