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Netizens Say Matilda Tao’s 16-Year-Old Daughter Has What It Takes To Be A Model After Seeing These Photos

She’s got that model gaze down pat.


Looks like basketball isn’t the only thing Taiwanese host Matilda Tao’s 16-year-old daughter Doudou excels at.

On July 16, Matilda, 52, who’s married to Taiwanese actor Li Liren, 48, posted two pictures Doudou on her Facebook. In the photos, which were from a family photoshoot, Doudou can be seen putting her best model face forward.

She's not camera-shy at all.

“Miss Cool didn’t eat her bentos 'cos she had to show her belly,” Matilda wrote in her caption, which we assume meant that her daughter went on a diet before the shoot.

Doudou also shared some photos from the shoot on her personal Instagram.

What a family.

Matilda and her husband used to censor pictures of Doudou, as well as their 13-year-old son, Little Dragon, whenever they posted pictures online.

However, it seems like the celeb couple has since stopped doing that now that the kids are older.

Wonder how tall Doudou is.

Netizens were full of praise for Doudou, with some writing that the teen can be a model and that her looks are suitable for high-fashion shoots.

A couple also named Taiwanese host Dee Hsu’s 16-year-old daughter, Elly, as an example of a second-gen celeb who's enjoying success as a model.

It was previously reported that Doudou excels at basketball, having represented her school at various competitions.

In July last year, Doudou moved to America to further her studies. She is also dabbling in music production and singing.

Doudou's the one in the white jersey.

Last year, Doudou released two songs on a YouTube channel under the name Lillian Lee, both of which were composed and performed by her.

In one song, which was written to celebrate the sixth anniversary of Korean girlgroup TWICE, Lillian sings in English, earning rave reviews from netizens, as well as proud mama Matilda, who shared the video on Facebook.

Photos: Matilda Tao/Facebook, Lillian Lee/YouTube



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