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Mark Lee’s youngest daughter diagnosed with kidney problem

5-year-old Calynn Lee is down with glomerulonephritis, a kidney disease, due to a rare autoimmune condition

Mark Lee’s youngest daughter diagnosed with kidney problem
Over an hour ago, Mark Lee’s wife Catherine Ng set up a
Facebook page called ‘Cheers for Calynn Lee’, revealing that their youngest child is battling Glomerulonephritis, a rare medical condition caused by autoimmune disease.

In her post, she shared that the condition, is a progressive kidney disease which sees the body’s immune system mistakenly attacking the kidneys, causing them to not function properly. Catherine also revealed that Calynn’s kidneys are being attacked and the 5-year-old needs to receive treatment as soon as possible.

In a phone interview with Toggle, Mark shared that they found out about Calynn’s condition in May after she started having fever as high as 40 degrees. After visiting the doctor, they learned that her kidney was infected as white blood cells were detected in her urine.

Calynn was put on medication and has to visit the hospital three times a month now. She received her first round of treatment last week and Mark and Catherine have stopped sending her to school for the past month.

“She does not cry often; she isn’t sure what exactly she’s down with… to be honest, she’s very brave,” Mark said.

Calynn’s older sister Calista, 10, and Marksonn, 7, are also aware that their youngest sister is sick. “Chocolates are not allowed in the house now, we have also cut out sugary, salty and sour food items,” he added, sharing that doctors have told them to monitor Calynn's body weight as she is not allowed to gain weight once treatment begins.Mark also shared that doctors are “not sure” how long it’ll take for Calynn to make a full recovery. “It might take a few months or even three to five years… we were told this disease seldom affects the kidneys.” The comedian added that they are currently consulting with one of the best doctors in Singapore who specialises in the disease and he has told them to “prepare for the worst” - if there are side effects or if her condition does not not improve after treatment.In Catherine’s Facebook post, she shared that Mark wanted

Left image: Mark tells Toggle that they brought Calynn overseas for a short trip last week as it will "be hard to find time" to do it once she starts receiving treatment

“This is our first time learning of such a disease, so we hope for families with children facing the same medical condition to leave a comment and help us understand it better, and better learn how to care for her," she said.

“We hope the medicine helps her. She is a brave little child who doesn’t cry despite receiving so many injections. She only cried once when a doctor accidentally pricked her during a jab. I hope everyone can cheer for her, thank you!” Catherine wrote.

Photos: Facebook/Cheers for Calynn Lee, Toggle

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