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The many faces of Chow Yun Fat

Gangsters, bumbling young men and the smooth Casanova—Chow Yun Fat’s different lives in 60 years

The many faces of Chow Yun Fat

As the popular saying goes, “you only live one life”, but Hong Kong veteran star Chow Yun Fat has done far more than that.

From his humble beginnings as a dim sum seller when he was a kid, Yun Fat won the audience over with his great comedic timing and acting chops, molding himself into the renowned action hero that he is today.

The longtime actor is also known for the wide variety of characters that he has lived as throughout his years in the industry. With over 100 films under his belt, it’s no surprise that Yun Fat has basically played almost every role possible—gangster bosses, honey-tongued playboys, gambling kings and pirate lords—you name it, he’s played it.

Even as he grew older, Yun Fat continued to churn out quality action movies, the most recent being the gambling movie From Vegas to Macau II. In fact, it’s almost hard to believe that this nimble-footed man has already reached the big Six-O.

As we celebrate Yun Fat’s 60th birthday and the 40 years of great entertainment that he has blessed us with, we take a look at some of the actor’s most notable roles.

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