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Malaysian Model, Whom Eric Tsang Kissed In Viral Video, Says Controversy Is “Distressing”

She’s now wondering if she made the wrong birthday wish.

The Malaysian model, who is at the centre of Hong Kong star Eric Tsang’s kissing controversy, has spoken up about the scandal.

In case you haven’t heard, last week, model Le Bala, better known as Lebara, set tongues wagging after she posted a video of Eric, 69, kissing her on the cheek on her 26th birthday.

Though Eric later clarified that he does not know Lebara and was just being polite, some netizens didn’t see it that way.

Some speculated if they were a couple, or worse, if Eric was being handsy and trying to take advantage of her.

Lebara thinks it's no big deal too

Yesterday (Oct 3), Lebara took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the controversy.

Like Eric, she said the matter has been blown out of proportion and is “so distressing”.

"A small birthday greeting has caused so much hoo-ha, so distressing. My birthday wish this year was for world peace but the situation seems to be reversed. [I am] Wondering if I made the wrong wish,” she said, adding that she will not let the noise of others’ opinions affect her.

The comments online have not been kind.

Some netizens have accused Lebara of posting the clip to “gain attention” and that she “brought it upon herself”.

Not that she needs to. Lebara, who is from Kuala Lumpur, is reportedly well-connected.

She is rumoured to be goddaughter of Hong Kong tycoon Lawrence Yu and close friends with artistes like Hong Kong hosts Lawrence Cheng and Natalis Chan.

Photos: Lebara/Instagram



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