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Maggie Q Posts Yoga Video, Gets Shamed For “Receding Hairline” Again

What are these people even talking about?!


Another day, another female celeb getting unfairly scrutinised for her looks by netizens.

This time, the celeb in their crosshairs is action star Maggie Q, 42, who definitely doesn’t deserve the body-shaming comments thrown at her.

On May 6, the star posted a new video on her Douyin, where she introduced a couple of yoga poses for beginners, while surrounded by her adorable rescue dogs. 

Maggie's furbabies stealing her thunder

Maggie got her start in showbiz as a model, before appearing in a series of Hongkong movies, including Gen-Y Cops and Naked Weapon. She then turned her focus to Hollywood, after getting her big break in 2006’s Mission: Impossible III

Though her last Chinese-language production was released in 2009, the actress still keeps in touch with her Chinese fanbase on social media.

In the yoga video, Maggie speaks entirely in English, with Chinese subtitles added. However, instead of focusing on the yoga poses Maggie was introducing in the video, the attention of netizens wandered elsewhere.

Hey, focus on the yoga, okay?

Some chose to criticise Maggie for “not speaking Mandarin” in a video that was meant for her Chinese fanbase, wondering if the action star “even remembers how to speak Mandarin”.

Others went on to note that Maggie “doesn’t look as good” these days. They drew attention to her “receding hairline”, as well as her “bad skin”, commenting that the star “used to look better”.

Looks like these netizens have some sort of super-powered eyesight, ‘cos we we can’t see any of the supposed ‘flaws' they pointed out.

Thankfully, these comments remained in the minority. Most netizens heaped praise upon Maggie for having “great acting skills”, as well as her “good figure”.

Hot bod alert

Photos: Maggie Q/Douyin, Maggie Q/Instagram

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