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Is Maggie Cheung becoming a social recluse?

The 54-year-old has reportedly secretly moved from her swanky neighbourhood to a quieter one in recent months

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Is Maggie Cheung becoming a social recluse?

Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung surprised many last November during an appearance in Shanghai. For one, her orange short crop wasn’t the biggest winner with netizens, who also commented that she looked like she received one too many botox shots, causing her expressions to look unnatural.

She has since stayed largely out of the limelight, causing many to wonder what she’s been up to in recent days.

Hong Kong media reported that she has since moved out of her swanky neighbourhood on the western side of the island and into Siu Sai Wan, a newly developed residential area instead. Photos uploaded by residents of Maggie walking her dog have further substantiated the claims.

While financial problems were one of the possibilities raised by some, others pointed out that acquaintances have reportedly claimed that the actress has become more reclusive as the years go by. Her alleged friends went on to say that she doesn’t spend much time interacting with others, and is not as friendly as she used to be.

This has caused some concern among her fans, who wonder if she has problems with her mental health. However, till date, neither Maggie nor her agency have addressed this issues.

Photos: PBE Media

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