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Is Lu Han Marrying His Girlfriend Chinese Actress Guan Xiaotong?

He’s been seen buying a ring.

Is Lu Han Marrying His Girlfriend Chinese Actress Guan Xiaotong?

Lu Han (left) announced on Weibo recently that he's dating actress Guan Xiaotong (right).

A week ago, not many people outside of China have heard of Guan Xiaotong.

But thanks to a post by super popular former EXO member Lu Han, the 20-year-old Chinese actress suddenly became one of the most-searched for names on the Internet.

Five days ago, the 27-year-old Chinese actor announced his relationship with the actress on Weibo, writing: "Hi everyone, let me introduce her to everyone - this is my girlfriend @Guan Xiaotong."

Xiaotong then replied Lu Han on Weibo with a heart emoji shortly after.

This surprising revelation in the love life of one of China's most popular pop idols sent shockwaves through the Chinese social media site, even causing it to crash due to soaring traffic a half an hour after Lu Han posted his declaration of love.

Within a day, the post was liked more than five million times and received over two million comments. Some fans expressed sorrow and devastation, and declared that they would no longer support the idol. Others speculated that the pair were simply creating online buzz for their upcoming Chinese drama Sweet Combat where they star opposite each other as lovers.

However, it seems like things are getting serious for the lovebirds.

On Oct 12, a netizen shared online that Lu Han had bought a ring in the jewellery shop he was working in.

He had uploaded a photo of casually-dressed Lu Han with the caption: “We were about to close shop for the day when Lu Han came in to purchase a ring. He said in a low voice: ‘Close the door, I’m a little scared’.”

Xiaotong is a budding star who’s studying in the prestigious Beijing Film Academy now. She started acting when she was four, when she scored a role in 2003 Chinese film Nuan. She gained prominence two years later when she played the younger self of Cecilia Cheung’s character in period film The Promise, which was helmed by famed director Chen Kaige. She will also be seen in Zhan Yimou’s Shadow premiering next year.

So are wedding bells really going to ring soon for the young lovers? We guess only time will tell.



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