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Netizens Think Louis Koo Is The Generous 'Mr K' Who Loaned HK Director Philip Yung S$600K To Make New Movie

Yup, seems like something Louis Koo would do.

Hong Kong crime thriller Sparring Partner, which stars Louisa So, Michael Chow and Yeung Wai Lun, has become an unexpected box office hit.

Produced by Philip Yung aka the director of Where the Wind Blows, the movie, which opened on Oct 27, has grossed almost HK$10 million (S$1.7mil) at the local box office.

The film recounts the 2013 case of a man, who murdered and cooked his parents, and the ensuing court case.

On Monday (Nov 7), Philip took to Facebook to share the challenges of making the movie a reality.

In a lengthy post, he recalled how he went knocking on doors looking for investors to fund the movie, but to no avail.

In the end, he decided to fund the movie himself, using money he had set aside for the down payment of his future home.

But even then, he was still HK$10mil (S$1.7mil) short, so he asked a Mr K for a loan.

I boldly called Mr K on the phone. He has always been very kind towards me, so this time I was very straightforward and asked for a HK$1mil loan. He just said two sentences to me, ‘It will go through tomorrow' and 'Don’t need to thank me or mention that it’s from me. Just work hard and make a good movie for Hong Kong',” wrote Phillip.

Who is Mr K?

Not only were netizens touched by Mr K’s generosity, many were curious about his identity and embarked on a guessing game.

While some felt it was Phillip’s frequent collaborator Aaron Kwok, the most popular guess was Louis Koo, who is known for being famously generous and for his contribution to Hong Kong’s film industry.

Is it Louis or Aaron?

Though Philip did not reveal the mystery donor’s name, he did let on some very obvious hints such as liking comments that said “Mr K’s surname is Koo” and that “Mr K… really invested in a lot of movies”.

Based on Philip and Mr K’s conversation, fans were also convinced that he was Louis, who is known to be a man of few words.

Philip also indirectly confirmed this by saying that Mr K likes to keep his phone calls short, speaking “at most five sentences”.

Photos: Philip Yung/Facebook, Louis Koo/Facebook



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