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Netizens Think Louis Koo Got Too Much Botox; Say His Face Now “Looks Like A Wax Figure's”

Or is it just over zealous editing?


Did Hong Kong star Louis Koo, 51, go a little overboard while preparing for the premiere of his latest blockbuster film, Warriors of Future?

Netizens sure think so, especially after seeing pictures of the star on the red carpet of the Beijing International Film Festival.

On Aug 13, Louis turned heads as he strutted down the red carpet with an eye-catching futuristic helmet in his hands.

However, all netizens could focus on was how “frozen” Louis’ face was. They  described it as “unnatural” and some even went as far as to joke that the actor basically “looks like a wax figure”.

Many speculated that Louis probably got a little too much Botox done at the plastic surgeon’s, adding that it’s a shame he saw the need to do so.

“He’s old now, he was so charming when he was younger,” one netizen sighed.

That is a rather frozen-looking face.

But there were those who stood up for Louis too.

A couple of netizens speculated that Louis’ frozen face might not be the result of Botox. They claimed that it could’ve been because the photos happened to be shot from an awkward angle, or that the lighting on the red carpet was unnecessarily harsh.

One also explained that Louis recently injured his eyes ‘cos of filming, and had to have eight stitches done, and that could explain his stiff face.

And he does look better here.

In other related news, it seems like Warriors of Future is receiving mixed reviews from viewers. While some lauded the sci-fi movie, which took five years to make, many criticised the film’s plot, describing it as too simple.

“Louis tried his best, but merely trying your best won’t guarantee good results,” one reviewer concluded.

Photos: Sinchew Daily, Louis Koo/Weibo



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