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Little Tigers reportedly set to reunite for concert tour

The trio debuted in 1988 to much fanfare

Little Tigers reportedly set to reunite for concert tour

On November 28, a rare group picture of the Little Tigers, made up of Taiwanese actor-singers Alec Su, Nicky Wu, and Julian Chen was posted online by the members, who had met up for a meal.

The picture was very well-received by fans of the trio, with many asking if a Little Tigers reunion was in the works.

Yesterday (Dec 11), reports surfaced claiming that the trio is indeed planning to reunite, and is intending to go on a concert tour to boot.

This is not the first time such rumours have surfaced. Back in 2013, which was the 25th anniversary of the Little Tigers, it was rumoured that the trio was planning to reunite as well. However, these plans eventually fell through.

According to the latest reports, the Little Tigers intend to reunite this year to mark the 31st anniversary since their debut. Their concert tour is also slated to span two years and take them across the world.

However, when reached for a comment, Nicky’s management agency, replied that they “have yet to receive any relevant information (regarding the reunion). Alec and Julian’s management have yet to respond as of press time.

Little Tigers made their debut in 1988, and quickly shot to superstardom. However, the trio disbanded 7 years later. The individual members are still good friends, with Alec and Julian acting as groomsmen for Nicky’s wedding in 2015. However, the trio has never officially reunited on-stage, despite many requests from their fans to do so.

Photos: PBE Media

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