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Blackpink's Lisa Will Be The First Female Team Captain On Street Dance Of China

About time.

Blackpink's Lisa Will Be The First Female Team Captain On Street Dance Of China

On Monday (May 9), Blackpink's Lisa, 25, posted a series of vacation pictures on her Instagram. 

The Thai K-pop star is seen standing on a beach wearing a see-through Baekro cut-out sleeve dress, her CELINE bikini peeking out from under it. 

As of press time, the post has been liked almost eight million times. 

But these pics are obviously not enough to showcase Lisa's style, aren't they?

Well, fret not, because you can expect to see more of her in the upcoming season of Street Dance Of China.

All hail Queen Lisa

According to reports, Lisa will become the first female team captain on reality dance competition Street Dance of China, which is now into its fifth season.

Joining Lisa as team captains are Wang Yibo, whose team won the past two seasons, Han GengVanness Wu and Huang Zitao, all of whom have experience mentoring contestants in previous instalments of the competition. 

The show is slated to start shooting this month and, yes, if you count the number of captains, you'll realise that this season will feature five teams instead of the usual four. 

It's not the first time Lisa's amazing dance skills are put to good use on a Chinese variety show. She was the dance mentor on Season 2 and 3 of reality talent search Youth With You.

Not that we aren't already looking forward to the new Street Dance of China, but Lisa just makes it better. 

Check out some of Lisa's sick moves here:

Photos: @lalalalisa_m/ Instagram

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