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Linda Chung, Who Was Called "Two-Faced" Last Year, Praised For Being “Kind And Approachable"By Netizen Who Met Her Recently

More plot twists than a TVB drama.


Oh, how the tides change.

Just last year, there was an outpouring of posts by netizens claiming that Hong Kong actress Linda Chung, 38, had faked her ‘nice girl persona’, and that she was “two-faced” towards her neighbours and those who she felt were “beneath her”.

While there were fans and netizens who spoke up on Linda’s behalf, it seemed as if most were convinced that Linda truly is a ‘mean girl’.

But this recent post by a netizen who claimed to have met Linda and her family at a sport shop in Vancouver seems to have changed things.

Spot Linda.

According to the netizen, she was browsing through skiing equipment at a sports shop, when she happened to lock eyes with the Vancouver-based actress, who was right in front of her.

After they made eye contact, Linda then took the initiative to greet the netizen with a smile.

However, the netizen shared that Linda, who was with her chiropractor husband and their three kids, proceeded to lower her head immediately after that.

The netizen reasoned that it could be due to the fact that Linda was out with her family at that time.

Therefore, the netizen shared that she decided against asking Linda for a picture together, to respect her privacy.

She then went on to share that even though they did not get a picture together, she was satisfied with being able to meet Linda.

Linda and her family during Christmas 2022.

They then went on to praise Linda’s looks, gushing that the actress was practically glowing, and that her three kids were all adorable.

Comments from other netizens and fans who had similarly positive experiences with Linda were seen on this post too.

One shared that back in the day, they came across Linda at a shopping mall in Hong Kong. Although Linda’s manager rejected their request to take a photo together, Linda insisted to take one with the netizen.

Another added that Linda has always been known for being nice and good-tempered, and that the previous posts slamming Linda for being two-faced were inconceivable.

Photos: Linda Chung/Instagram, Sinchew Daily



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