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Linda Chung Cries On Cue In New Vid, Reminding Everyone Of Her Iconic Heart Of Greed Crying Scenes

Sheung Joi Sum still has it.


Although ex-TVB actress Linda Chung, 38, is based in Vancouver with her 50-year-old chiropractor husband and their two kids, she is by no means out of the spotlight entirely.

Apart from updating her social media regularly, Linda, who is now expecting her third kid, also returned to Hongkong in 2021 to shoot TVB drama Kids’ Lives Matter, though she later turned down an offer to star in the drama’s sequel.

She also posts a new video every week on her YouTube channel, sharing everything from recipes, to parenting tips and tales from her years in showbiz with her 140,000 subscribers.

She's a YouTube star.

On June 5, Linda posted a new video, titled “How to Cry on Set on Cue”.

In the 22-minute clip, Linda revealed that over the years, she’s received many questions from people wondering how she cries on set whenever there is an emotional scene.

“Back in the day, when I did my first crying scene, I remember it was in Virtues of Harmony II, and I was Hung Bak Nam,” she said. Linda added that she was around “19 or 20” when she filmed that drama, and she did not know how to cry on cue at all. Instead, all she did was to “make a crying face” in the hopes that it would allow her to cry more naturally.

That's Linda in Virtues of Harmony on the left.

However, it ended up looking “too forced”, as Linda was “trying too hard”. Soon after, she settled on a different method, which was to “rely on stories and memories” that were emotional for her.

And for a young Linda, the memory that she relied on the most was the moments when she had to bid goodbye to her parents, who were based in Vancouver.

“I'll use people to help me, for example, my co-stars, or my director,” she said, adding: “What I would tell them [to whisper in my ears] was ‘Your mum and dad are at the airport now, they’re gonna leave Hongkong. You’re gonna be alone now’. They would repeat it to me one, two, three, four times, and it worked.”

Then, as her acting abilities developed further, Linda realised she didn’t need to rely on those methods anymore.

“If you know your character enough, and spend time with it, and really absorb it into your body, you would be prepared, no matter what scene it is,” she said.

Tears in 3... 2... 1.

To illustrate her point, Linda then came up with a role for herself —a character whose father is about to leave her forever.

She then slowly talked everyone through the thoughts in her head as she internalised her character’s situation.

Then in just 30 seconds, Linda's eyes welled up with tears, and she started crying on cue.

Remember Sheung Joi Sum?

After watching her video, netizens could not help but be reminded of Linda’s iconic scenes in the 2009 drama Heart of Greed, where she went from tearing up to straight up bawling for a number of episodes involving her character, Sheung Joi Sum.

“A great actress,” one netizen commented, while another wrote: “I really liked your performance as Sheung Joi Sum.”

Photos: Linda Chung/YouTube, Linda Chung/Instagram, China Daily

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