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Lin Chi-ling sheds tears while discussing breakups

She avoided mentioning rumoured ex-beau Jerry Yan's name during the emotional revelation

Lin Chi-ling sheds tears while discussing breakups

Lin Chi-ling shed light on her former relationship with Jerry Yan during a recent episode of talk show U Can U BiBi.

The topic of the day's recording was 'should you break up in person?', and the guests invited for the day's recording started off with sharing their personal experiences.

The model then tearfully let on that she has "been dumped" before, adding that she felt fearful and hurt after what happened, which also made her lose confidence in herself.

Chi-ling continued that those going through breakups should face the other party bravely, and that naysayers who mention words such as "You shouldn't have gotten to know him in the first place" should think from another perspective: only after going through such tribulations will you be able to discover yourself, and that all experiences, even the bad ones, are worth treasuring. She added that only when you forgive yourself and leave your emotional baggage behind can you continue with life.

Upon hearing her confession, the hosts tried to probe her on whether the other party she mentioned is Jerry Yan. Chi-ling looked to Kevin Tsai, who is a fixed panel member, for help, and he said, "With regards to Lin Chi-ling's current relationship status, we can avoid mentioning the words Jerry Yan."

Undeterred, they tried once again to ask if that means that she has no intention to ever consider a relationship again with him, to which Kevin jumped in once again to respond with, "What I said was already an obvious enough answer."

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