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Lin Chi-ling is married

She has tied the knot with Japanese actor-singer Akira

Lin Chi-ling is married

Lin Chi-ling is officially a married woman. She and Japanese actor Akira, who is from J-Pop group EXILE, announced the good news today (June 6) via their respective social media platforms.

“With love and courage, I’m married,” Chi-ling wrote on her Instagram. “I’m very blessed by the love and support that everyone has been giving me all this time. To each and every one of you that I cherish, I hope that we’ll always be happy.”

Likewise, Akira posted a statement in both Japanese and English, saying, “I am excited to announce that on June 6th, I married Lin Chi-ling, the Taiwanese actress, with whom I have had a long-standing friendship.”

“Ever since sharing the stage with her on “Red Cliff -Love-” eight years ago, we developed a friendship and just last year, it evolved into something more. I felt strongly that I want her to be my partner in life as we see our true selves in each other,” he continued. “No matter how busy she may be, she always puts her family, friends and fans before herself and constantly strives to provide love and courage to many people across Asia, always staying true to her roots. I was strongly attracted to her sense of responsibility and caring nature.”

EXILE's Akira and Lin Chi-ling in 'Red Cliff -Love-'

“With a smile, she always accepts me for who I am, and I constantly feel nothing but appreciation for her kindness. It pushes me to be better and I truly want to make her happy. (sic)”

Chi-ling’s work studio also released a statement in which they shared that plans for their wedding ceremony have not been confirmed and that they will share more updates when the details have been set in stone.

What caught the attention of most netizens, however, was a line that read, “Of course, the couple is also looking forward to the day when they can welcome a new addition to their family”.

The pair is reported to have registered their marriage in both Taiwan and Tokyo. Chi-ling is 44 years old, which makes her seven years older than Akira.

Photos: Lin Chi-ling/Instagram, Akira/Instagram



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