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Lin Chi-ling, Jerry Yan spotted together in Malaysia

Netizens are calling it “the reunion of the century”

Lin Chi-ling, Jerry Yan spotted together in Malaysia

Taiwanese actress Lin Chi-ling got netizens tongues’ wagging at a possible reunion between her and her ex-boyfriend, fellow singer Jerry Yan after the pair were spotted at a hotel in Malaysia a few days ago.

Jerry was initially seen at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport last week, dressed in all black with a black mask. Many were then quick to point out that he was in Malaysia at the same time when Chi-ling also happened to be in town for a Longines event.

Speculations further fueled after the two were then seen getting off a white car in front of a hotel around 9pm on Saturday (Nov 10), and suspicions that Chi-ling had picked Jerry up from the airport and fetched him to the hotel began to surface.

After he got off, the singer then removed his mask and quickly retrieved his luggage before turning back and smiling to Chi-ling.

The actress then entered the same hotel accompanied by her assistant, at a later time. She seemed to want to keep a low-profile as she dressed in all black and even lowered her hat to cover her face in the elevator.

Photos of the duo entering the hotel’s gym together also surfaced online and made headlines on Sunday.

While both parties did not directly confirm rumours that they have rekindled their romance, Jerry responded yesterday and said that he was “happy that they kept in contact and expressed that the two of them truly cared about each other.”

Chi-ling’s work studio has also spoken out about the issue this morning and asked the public to “give them some time and privacy.” They also added that if the couple did get back together, they would announce it and share the joy with their fans at their own time.

The couple previously dated for six years before calling it quits in 2006 and have constantly been surrounded by rumours of them getting back together. If the rumours hold true, Chi-ling and Jerry’s decision to rekindle their romance will undoubtedly be “the reunion of the century.”

Photo: PBE Media

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