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Lin Chi-ling indirectly addresses her pregnancy rumours

The rumour mill even claims that she’s got twins on the way

Lin Chi-ling indirectly addresses her pregnancy rumours

The hubbub surrounding Lin Chi-ling’s baby – or babies, if the reports are to be believed – isn’t dying down.

Since July, the rumour mill has been claiming that the Taiwanese model is expecting despite her multiple denials. The claims were further fueled by a report that stated that she underwent an advanced form of IVF (in vitro fertilisation) suitable for older women.

A photo of her looking rounder than usual started making the rounds earlier this week, which led to Chi-ling updating her social media platforms with a photo of herself holding a giant bowl of rice. She captioned it with, “Am I that fat? I’ll only eat one bowl (of rice) then.”

Her tongue-in-cheek response to the allegations that her weight gain is due to her being pregnant has tickled netizens, who have also jumped to assure her that she is as beautiful as ever, even if she did put on any weight.

Chi-ling tied the knot with Japanese actor-singer Akira in June, a move that surprised many as there were no rumours of the pair dating before their wedding announcement.

All eyes are on the 44-year-old, who previously shared that she would love to have children with her husband.

Photos: PBE Media

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