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A-Lin is a big fan of Rui En

Taiwanese singer A-Lin calls herself a fan of Rui En’s “sweet yet tough voice”

A-Lin is a big fan of Rui En

Taiwanese pop singer A-Lin recently headlined the Starker Music Carnival 2017 in Singapore last weekend, alongside other local singers such as Ling Kai, Alfred Sim and Jasmine Sokko, to name a few.

The singer not only serenaded the crowd with her song ‘A-Lin’ from her latest album of the same name, but also performed her rendition of ‘Hate It’, which was originally sung by local singer Rui En in 2002.

“I liked the melody of ‘Hate It’ and have always felt that girls should love themselves more. Therefore, after I heard the song, I felt that it really suited me as it reflected my personal wishes,” A-Lin answered when asked about why she chose this particular song.

A-Lin also revealed that she had been a fan of Rui En since the latter made her singing debut. She also could not stop praising the Singaporean singer’s “sweet yet tough voice” and commended her for retaining her femininity in her songs.

Apart from ‘Hate It’, A-Lin revealed she had also sang the same song by Rui En during her previous appearance on the Chinese reality show, Masked Singer.

Although the two parties have not met, A-Lin said that she would “continue to support Rui En” even if her career focus is on acting instead of singing currently.

The 34-year-old singer, who has been married to Taiwanese baseball player Huang Kan Lin since 2007, also talked about how important family was to her during the interview with Toggle. She shared that she would always place them first and would make an effort to always answer their calls no matter how busy she might be.

A-Lin further disclosed that she did not have this mindset when she was young and said that she had been very rebellious in her teenage years. She revealed that in the pursuit of chasing her dreams to become a singer, she had neglected her family and even lied to them that she was studying overseas when in reality, she was making a living by singing at a pub.

Although she managed to find success in the end, she has since deeply regretted her actions and hopes that her 10-year-old daughter would not follow in her footsteps.

“She is still young now, and has no interest in singing. I do not dare to think about what lies in the future. However, all I know now is that I want her to focus on her studies as I was not proud of neglecting mine. Despite my childhood, I still believe that time spent in school is the best,” the singer said.

A-Lin released her latest album ‘A-Lin’ on Sept 20 which coincided with her 34th birthday. She expressed that she would like to challenge herself more by possibly acting in dramas in the future and even stated that she does not even mind playing a super villain as she wanted a role that was different from her own character.

However, she feels that her acting debut would have to wait as she “currently still has trouble shooting music videos.”

The Starker Music Carnival is the second time that A-Lin has performed in Singapore this year following her recent ‘Sonar’ world tour this March.

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