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BBQ Stall Owner In Yunnan Goes Viral ‘Cos He Looks Just Like Leslie Cheung

Right down to the hairstyle too.


Remember the kindergarten teacher who looked like Angelababy? Well, there’s a new celebrity doppelganger in town.

Recently, this short, eight-second clip posted by a Chinese netizen on holiday in Yunnan has been making the rounds online.

And the reason? The netizen says the man in the video really looks like late Hongkong singer-actor Leslie Cheung

Leslie passed away in 2003, at the age of 46, after jumping off the 24th floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hongkong.

Leslie? Is that you?

The netizen was having supper at a barbecue stall at a night market, when she realised that the guy preparing the food looked just like Leslie.

It also helped that he was sporting Leslie’s hairstyle in the 1990 classic movie, Days of Being Wild .

Yep, he even has that little strand of hair curling down.

After the video was posted online, other netizens began leaving comments, marvelling at the resemblance.

One joked: “ Don’t disturb him, [Leslie] just wants to live normally in this lifetime.”

Another wrote: “Their side-profile is really similar,” while yet another netizen requested for a video of the bbq stall owner’s full face.

However, there were some that disagreed, with one netizen writing that the stall owner looks more like former Little Tiger Julian Chen, 51, instead.

Or is he a Julian Chen lookalike?

Photos: 填鸭式教育受害者/Weibo, PBE Media

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