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Leon Lai reported to be in a relationship

His former wife, Gaile Lok, remarried last August

Leon Lai reported to be in a relationship

Leon Lai and Gaile Lok ended their marriage in a highly publicised divorce back in 2012, and Gaile made headlines again last August when she tied the knot with her non-celebrity boyfriend, Ian. Many fans have been concerned about Leon, as he has not had any new romantic interests in his life, but it seems that their worries can be put to rest as he is now reported to be seeing someone.

His rumoured girlfriend is only known to the media as Wing, and is understood to be his assistant. She was spotted leaving his three-storey abode, which has led to speculations that the pair are cohabiting. The property is understood to be the home that he lived in with Gaile during their marriage.

Wing is believed to be 32 years old, and has a youthful and sweet-looking image that some say reminds them of a younger version of Gaile. Netizens then brought up what Leon said about his ideal type on a previous talk show, where he said that he hopes that the person in his life can be aged 30 and above and share the same nationality as he does, and that Wing fulfills both requirements.

There is also talk that Wing has also previously gone through a divorce, and that the split was because of rumours of infidelity that spread when she was on an overseas work trip with Aarif Rahman.

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