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Leon Lai is going to be a father

The Hong Kong singer confirmed that his 32-year-old girlfriend is expecting

Leon Lai is going to be a father
Fans of Hong Kong ‘Heavenly King’ Leon Lai can now be assured that the singer has finally found his happily ever after, following his high profile
divorce from Chinese model Gaile Lok in 2012.

The 51-year-old singer took to Facebook yesterday (Mar 19) to share that he will be a father for the first time before the year ends, confirming recent speculations that he is in a May-December romance with his assistant-turned-sales-manager girlfriend Wing, and that the 32-year-old is 6 months pregnant with his child.

“As we are both divorcees, it is fate that we can spend our lives together. Now that we are having a baby and I’m going to be a father, it feels like I’m entering a new stage in my life. I will take good care of my family members,” he wrote.

He also emphasised that he will “try his best” to protect his family’s identities, and will keep them “away from the media spotlight”.

When asked for comment on her ex-husband’s recent news, Gaile revealed that she was unaware Leon was seeing someone and also did not know he was going to be a father.

Pictured on the left is Leon's former wife Chinese model Gaile Lok, and on the right is Hong Kong singer Vivian Chow, previously labelled to be a 'golden couple' with Leon.

“Many people called me after the news broke out, and all of a sudden I find myself involved,” the model shared.

She then offered her well-wishes. “I give him my blessings. I hope they will have an adorable and healthy child, and will have more babies further down the road. I’m happy for them.”

Hong Kong singer Vivian Chow, previously labelled to be a ‘golden couple’ with Leon, also shared her thoughts.

“I saw the news, and everyone’s been telling me about it. I am very happy for him, and I sincerely congratulate him,” she said, “This is a private matter, and what matters is that they are happy together.”

As this is the first time Leon has openly shared about his love life since his split with Gaile, and with news that he is starting a new family on top of that, many fans sent their well-wishes to the new father, wishing him a blissful family life.

Leon and Wing’s relationship came as a surprise to many when it was first made known to public, as the singer is 19 years older than Wing.


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