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Leon Lai Is Dating His Sales Manager Who Is 19 Years His Junior

And the Heavenly King’s new love looks a lot like his ex-wife, Gaile Lok.

Leon Lai Is Dating His Sales Manager Who Is 19 Years His Junior

Story update: After rumours started furiously circulating that Leon Lai's girlfriend, 32-year-old record label assistant-turned-sales manager Wing Chan, was six months pregnant, the 51-year-old Heavenly King confirmed in a Facebook post yesterday that he is going to be a father. In the post, he said that "It's fate that has brought two divorced people together" and talked about a "new life that will make him a father and bring him to the next stage of his life."

While he didn't mention who the mother of his child was in the post, it's pretty much confirmed that it's Wing, aka Ah Wing, who's been photographed by the paparazzi sporting a bump and shopping for baby cots. Also, she's a divorcee.

Added Leon in his post: "As a father, I have to protect my family and not expose them to unnecessary limelight... As for our future, time will prove everything."

We can't wait to see what the offspring of a Heavenly King and a "mini-Gaile Lok" will look like!

(Story updated 20/3/2018, 4.30pm)

Leon Lai has a new love in his life. And it seems that the women in the Heavenly King’s life are getting younger and younger. Though his taste in women hasn’t changed. His new flame is none other than his record label Amusic’s assistant-turned-sales manager, Wing Chan, referred to as “Ah Wing” in the Hongkong tabloids. The 32-year-old Ah Wing has been dubbed a “mini-version of Gaile Lok” 'cos of her uncanny resemblance to Leon’s ex-wife. [P/S: He's not the only superstar to start dating someone so much younger.]

In 2012, the Hongkong star, 51, divorced his model wife Gaile, 37, after four years of marriage. Leon then resumed his status as a “golden bachelor”, a Chinese term used to refer to super-rich male singletons. Last year, Gaile wed her businessman boyfriend of two years in an intimate ceremony in California.

And after six years of being single, Leon now has someone new in his life. Though Leon and Ah Wing have been dating for just six months, their relationship has progressed quickly. According to reports, Ah Wing has moved into Leon’s house located at Sheung Yue River in Hongkong. She was spotted frequently entering and leaving the premises, and was also photographed swimming in Leon’s private pool. That house, which he bought for HKD$60 mil (S$10 mil) back in 2008, also happens to be the marital home he used to share with Gaile.

On one occasion, Ah Wing was snapped leaving Leon’s three-storey residence and driving alone to AMusic’s office. According to the the tabloids, the couple takes separate cars when they go out and have never been spotted in public together. Not that anyone is surprised, given how super private Leon is.

Formerly a promotions assistant at Leon’s record label, Ah Wing was responsible for chaperoning artistes like Hongkong actor-singer Aarif Lee. Ah Wing, who is a divorcee, was once rumoured to be in a relationship with Aarif, who was an artiste under Leon’s label at that time. Ah Wing often accompanied Aarif on his overseas work trips. The duo’s close relationship sparked rumours that the two were dating, which eventually led to Ah Wing's split from her former husband.

Not that that bothers Leon. It's been said that ever since Leon took a shine to her, Ah Wing went from just an assistant to the company's sales manager, and now has the power to make key decisions in the company. Unsurprisingly, that has ruffled a few feathers in the company.

Rumour has it that it was Ah Wing who got Leon through a tough time in his life. According to the Hongkong media, Leon was feeling down after his divorce and the death of his father, and would often ask his friends out for heavy drinking sessions. Ah Wing’s cheerful personality and her knack for making the people around her laugh was reportedly what drew Leon to her. Obviously, Leon doesn’t believe in the saying ‘Don’t dip your pen in company ink.’ Then again, maybe the rules are different if the company belongs to you.



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