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Ex-TVB Star King Kong Cries On Live Stream While Revealing Why He And Girlfriend Xiao Xian Have Broken Up

So what's going to happen to their immensely successful chicken wing business?

Ex-TVB Star King Kong Cries On Live Stream While Revealing Why He And Girlfriend Xiao Xian Have Broken Up

Ex-TVB star King Kong, 41, and Taiwanese host Xiao Xian, 42, are a couple no more.

Yesterday (May 11), Xiao Xian took to her Facebook page to host a 40-minute-long live stream to confirm rumours that she and King Kong have broken up.

While it seemed like they planned to casually announce the news while filming themselves having a meal, King Kong couldn’t stop himself from getting emotional while revealing the reason for their breakup.

King Kong said he and Xiao Xian had forgotten to “give each other some personal space,” which resulted in many fights. The two eventually realised that they had deeper issues that couldn’t be resolved and decided to stay good friends instead.

He then broke down while expressing his gratitude towards Xiao Xian, saying that he had “learnt a lot from her”. He also thanked her for being with him through difficult times.

King Kong would go on to urge their viewers and fans to refrain from speculating about the reasons for their breakup, adding that he and Xiao Xiao are fundamentally too different, and that this split could be “better for both of them” in the long run.  

Xiao Xian then said that she had been receiving calls from the media, who were responding to the rumours that they had broken up. Hence, they decided to do a live stream to explain the situation to everybody.

After seeing King Kong in tears, Xiao Xian immediately passed him a tissue and joked that she had “lost [her] appetite.”

They used to post cute couple pics on social media

King Kong and Xiao Xian became a couple in 2020. Last year, they started  a business selling chicken wings, which did extremely well despite some complaints that the price point was too high.

They also often appeared together in live streams and regularly posted cute couple pics online, which was why their breakup came as a shock to many of their fans.  

Photos: Xiao Xian/ Facebook, PBE Media

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