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Kevin Cheng, 53, Looks So Good In This Selfie With ‘Scarlet Heart’ Co-Star Lin Gengxin, 35

Netizens say they can’t even tell that the two are 18 years apart.


Sure, it has been 12 years since Chinese drama Scarlet Heart first aired, but the period drama still has its die-hard fans.

On May 22, Hong Kong actor Kevin Cheng, 53, who played Yinsi, the eighth prince in the drama, took to his Weibo to share a picture with his Scarlet Heart partner-in-crime, the fourteenth prince, Yinti, played by Chinese actor Lin Gengxin, 35.

They sure look good!

“Fourteenth brother, after not meeting for nine years, [it’s still] the same as ever! But of course, I’m not referring to our looks when I say that!” Kevin joked in his caption.

Although the actor was modest about his appearance in his caption, many netizens flocked to the comments section to pile praise upon Kevin for looking ever-so-youthful.

Gengxin and Kevin in 2011.

“The eighth prince still looks the same as ever, while our fourteenth prince has grown up,”  one netizen wrote. Kevin was 41, while Gengxin was 23 when Scarlet Heart aired.

“It’s been so long!” another netizen exclaimed, while others chimed in to share that they simply can’t tell that the duo are 18 years apart. 

A huge compliment for Kevin, but we wonder what Gengxin thinks about this.

Others also shared pictures of Kevin and Gengxin from 2011, with one pleading for Kevin to share his skincare routine.

A long-lasting friendship.

Photos: Kevin Cheng/Weibo, 娱大蜀黍/Weibo



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