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Late HK Actor Kenneth Tsang’s Son From His First Marriage Will Not Attend His Funeral

According to Kenneth's daughter, actress Musette Tsang, the funeral will be a simple, low-key affair.


Kenneth Tsang’s daughter, theatre actress Musette Tsang, has shared more details on the late Hongkong actor’s funeral. Kenneth died at the age of 86 in his quarantine hotel room in Kowloon on April 27.   

In an interview with Hongkong radio station, Musette, who is Kenneth’s daughter from his marriage to model Barbara Tang, said that the family is still in the midst of preparing for the funeral and that they might keep it private.

While they have not decided on the type of funeral to hold, it would be a simple, low-key affair as this is what her dad wanted.

"Dad liked to draw, and he drew very well. If we had to pick an item to keep by his side, we would choose drawing paper and brushes,” she said.

Though Musette did not reveal when the funeral will take place, she said that her stepbrother, Kenneth’s son with his first wife late actress Landi Chang, will not be able to attend the ceremony due to the city’s strict pandemic measures.

Kennth's son has always lived out of the public eye and little is known about him other than he moved to Canada with his mum after she and Kenneth divorced in 1979 after 10 years of marriage.

Kenneth with wife Chiao Chiao

During the interview, Musette shared that Kenneth’s wife, Taiwanese actress Chiao Chiao, has been very strong.

However, she fluctuates between feeling okay and being very sad whenever she thinks of him.

"I want to tell my father that we are OK and we will move on. Dad, you too can move on,” said Musette.

Musette with Kenneth (Photo: Ming Pao)

Reminiscing the times they spent together, Musette said Kenneth had led a fulfilling life.

He was very supportive of her becoming an actress and they often talked about acting and movies. He was knowledgeable about Chinese and foreign films, had a great passion for life, and enjoyed learning, she said.

He gave her a lot of strength, and though she cannot accept that he is gone, she tells herself that she needs to snap out of her sadness because this is not what her dad would want to see.

"If it were him, he would get a hold of his emotions and continue to move forward and enjoy every moment,” she said.

She continued: "I am so lucky that Kenneth Tsang is my father. I don't think he is jealous of Uncle Hui (her stepfather actor Franco Yuen). I believe that he will be very comforted knowing that a person who has no blood ties with me loves me so much. Mummy is fine, our family continues to focus on work, because the world has to move on. We all have a lot of memories with dad, and we will miss him forever.”

He's had a fulfilling life

Musette said that Kenneth had always been a very happy and free-spirited person, and loved to travel.

"Not long ago, he told me that his life was really good. He felt really bored a few months ago and really wanted to travel… When dad decides on something, it's hard to convince him [to do otherwise],” she said.

“No one knows what's going to happen next, so you cannot turn around and point the finger at what went wrong… Everyone saw him eating and having fun in Singapore and Malaysia, and I believe that was what he wanted most.”

Photos: Kenneh Tsanf/Weibo, Ming Pao

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