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Kenneth Ma’s 'True Nature' Revealed In Douyin Video; Netizens Laugh At How Relatable He Is

Yes, he's Mr Nice Guy, but sometimes, nice guys just want to save a couple of bucks too.


TVB actor Kenneth Ma, 48, is a nice guy. But just 'cos he’s nice doesn’t mean he’s not above playing a few ‘tricks' to save some money.

After all, he is planning to get married next year, and weddings are real expensive, right?

And according to this skit video the actor posted to his Douyin recently, Kenneth’s been making good use of his acting skills in his attempt to save up.

In the video, Kenneth can be seen mid-conversation with a friend, with his friend inviting him out for dinner.

Say no to grilled meat.

But here’s where things get tough.

You see, Kenneth’s was totally not interested in any of the dinner suggestions that his friend threw out. Grilled meat was too 'heaty', while sashimi was too ‘cooling’, and seafood would give him gout.

Eventually, Kenneth’s friend gave up with a sigh, and said: “Then, I’ll just treat you to [whatever you want].”

He's cracked the code.

Upon hearing that magic sentence, Kenneth’s eyes lit up immediately, sitting up with a glint in his eye.

“Why didn’t you say this earlier!” he exclaimed, adding: “I’m a very easy-going person, I’ll eat whatever you want to eat”.

Doing it for Roxanne?

Netizens couldn’t help but crack up after seeing Kenneth’s video, with one commenting: “So, this is what you’re really like,” with one netizen adding: “This is his true nature!”.

Yet another netizen wrote: “[He’s] flipping his ‘perfect guy’ image.”

Finally, one fan poked fun at Kenneth’s willingness to “eat whatever” his friend wanted, writing: “Then you’ll be fine with just having clear broth to drink?”

Photos: Kenneth Ma/Instagram



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